The Bronze Sculpture

The bronze relief sculpture of Daddy Bruce wearing his trademark hat was close to being destroyed.  The plaque, a gift to Daddy Bruce from Coors Brewing Company decades ago, tumbled out of a truck hauling junk to a salvage yard. The driver stopped, picked it up, then thought better of tossing it back into the truck.

Bronze relief sculpture of Daddy Bruce
Ronald Wooding, the former assistant pastor of Epworth United Methodist Church, holds a bronze relief sculpture of the late “Daddy” Bruce Randolph that fell from a salvage truck which had been missing for years

The driver brought the sculpture back to the office, where his boss recognized the image of the man who started feeding the needy free Thanksgiving dinners from his barbecue restaurant in Denver’s Five Points neighborhood in 1964. The trucking-company boss reported the find to Ronald Wooding.  

The sculpture was commissioned from Ed Dwight(, a Denver artist whose work focuses on historic black figures in the city, for the Black History Month celebrations at the beer company.

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