Daddy Bruce Randolph School

In 2010, a school was named in the honor of Daddy Bruce Randolph because of his contributions to his community.  Randolph’s characteristics are literally spelled out throughout the school. The school’s values, brilliance, respect, unity, character and effort, exemplify who Daddy Bruce was.  The cafeteria houses numerous photographs that are captioned with a piece of the legend’s life.  The cafeteria provides the next generation the full story of a man who started life over in his 60s, used his passion for cooking to feed thousands and whose name can be found throughout Denver.  

The staff at TIAA has been a proud and dedicated supporter of Bruce Randolph Their goal has been to help students excel, graduate, and succeed in life.  TIAA is committed to making a difference in our local communities with a core belief that education is a powerful equalizer. 

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